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Alan Watts - Life Is A Dance Of Energy

советую смотреть на полном экране в качестве 1080p HD. красивый полет

читаю как раз у Thomas Fuchs - Ecology of the Brain (2018 год), схожая мысль:

>> order to realize that we are hungry, thirsty, tired, happy, or sad, we must have already become hungry, thirsty, tired, happy, or sad...

Life is therefore what has already happened to us and affected us before we clearly notice it. And as regards our bodily affections, such as hunger, thirst, pain, vital energy, and fatigue, we learn that we are never totally in control of ourselves.

Indeed, what essentially constitutes us is something that we can neither cause nor control...

It is even true of intentional acts of thought and deed that we do not fully “have them in hand,” but rather “allow them to happen.”

Merleau-Ponty therefore speaks of the “passivity of our activity”: “it is not I who makes myself think any more than it is I who makes my heart beat”...

The movements of my thought and my arm are self-movements, which I cannot make, but at best, release and direct. This is even truer of involuntary enactments of life such as breathing, falling asleep, walking, crying, or even feelings of joy or rage: they occur spontaneously of their own accord, and any deliberate act of will rather tends to disrupt them...

By the same token, the subjective body is the ensemble of all skills and capacities at our disposal. As “habitual body”, it contains the preliminary drafts of our enactments of life and thus conveys the founding experience of “I can”...<<

Алан Уотс если не пророк, то визионер своего времени, никогда не слышал от него что-то, что противоречило бы современной научной картине мира или стало устаревшим за прошедшие 50 лет, ни в космологии ни в психологии/нейробиологии, хотя чувак еще в далеком 73 году ушел в нирвану от нас)))
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