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Five different expressions that indicate a watchful, alert state, an inner gleam that slowly shakes our fragile walls and volatile ego.
A sentinel is a guardian, a protection, a primordial instinct of survival.
The study of the patterns and paradigms that make up what we call reality, if carried forward with precise criteria can lead us to a bewildering conclusion: the forms and shapes of nature are themselves the result of very precise laws, governed by a unique and essential "Thought". However modern science can only describe the form, the “Thought” remains obscured, unattainable and mysterious. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls this process "The Morphogenic Fields". In “easy words” nothing is really knowable.
This concept, as well as completely inspiring this phase of my existence, gave birth to the concept behind Sentinelle.
What you have to listen here is not the music per se (which is in fact a mere symbol), what you need to listen is the vaporescent code behind it.
This process of sublimation, perhaps, can awaken an archaic and common vision, an archetype which is more than ever collective, a great and infinite symbol that governs all our thoughts and affections.

All recordings are first single takes.

All samples were recorded through two walkmans and a philipps microcassette recorder.

The "Psalm" drone is caused by a particular algorithm produced by a reverb that could have been repeated over and over again. However, about every 30 seconds, subtle changes take place to stimulate our subtle inner mental activity.

в музыку еще не втыкал но описание уже нравится.
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