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how many lines?

читаю Incognito The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman:

>>Similarly, we often know one feature about a stimulus while simultaneously being unable to answer others. Say I were to ask you to look at the following and tell me what it is composed of: ||||||||||||. You would correctly tell me it is composed of vertical lines. If I were to ask you how many lines, however, you would be stuck for a while. You can see that there are lines, but you cannot tell me how many without considerable effort. You can know some things about a scene without knowing other aspects of it, and you become aware of what you’re missing only when you’re asked the question.<<

Забавно, еще даже не дочитав предложение, я увидел краем глаза линии и догадался каким будет вопрос. И моментально дал правильный ответ! наобум))) даже не задумываясь. И потом, посчитав линии, с удивлением обнаружил, что оказался прав.
далее, там же:

>>What is the position of your tongue in your mouth? Once you are asked the question you can answer it—but presumably you were not aware of the answer until you asked yourself. The brain generally does not need to know most things; it merely knows how to go out and retrieve the data. It computes on a need-to-know basis. You do not continuously track the position of your tongue in consciousness, because that knowledge is useful only in rare circumstances.

In fact, we are not conscious of much of anything until we ask ourselves about it. What does your left shoe feel like on your foot right now? What pitch is the hum of the air conditioner in the background? As we saw with change blindness, we are unaware of most of what should be obvious to our senses; it is only after deploying our attentional resources onto small bits of the scene that we become aware of what we were missing. Before we engage our concentration, we are typically not aware that we are not aware of those details. So not only is our perception of the world a construction that does not accurately represent the outside, but we additionally have the false impression of a full, rich picture when in fact we see only what we need to know, and no more.<<

Спрашивать, направлять внимание. Вот задача слов, в целом - языка.
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