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ооо, реакции на Димаша тоже интересно смотреть, особенно когда он поет что-то древнее этническое тюркское, а не всякую попсу)

это тоже мой "фаворит сонг" от Димаша!
кобыз в начале кстати имитирует не только ветер, но и вой волчицы - праматери тюрков.
как австралийка, знакомая с аборигенами и игрой на Диджериду, имитирующем голоса зверей, могла бы и догадаться)))

any way, когда я смотрю такие видеореакции, то испытываю даже больше эмоций от музыки, чем от самих песен.

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"Let me know what imagery it created for you"

Mel Brod 4 месяца назад
This one brings to mind the Steppes—the wind in the grasses, the trickle of water, the wolves and yes, the dogs after him (I even think I hear their yelping as they catch up with him and he chases them away.) I hope you look at the back history of this song—it is the singing of a young Kazakh man, drafted by the Russians to work to support the troops in WWI. He is remembering his homeland and his parents, and wondering if he will ever see them again. I think the trickle of water, especially at the end, also represents his tears.

There is a wolf at the beginning of his newest release, Quairan Elim, too. That video is full of symbolism, so I looked up the wolf—in old Turkic legend, the wolf represents honor and she is called the mother of the Turkic people.

And the video is spectacular—stunning, painful—the history of the Kazakh people and a wish for peace in the world. It was directed by Dimash, as well as sung by him—another example of the wonderful talent of this man.
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