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Master Hegel

“Master Hegel taught: Everything that exists only exists because it also does not exist, that is to say because it comes into being and disappears. Becoming entails being and not being, as does disappearing. Becoming changes into disappearing and disappearing into becoming. The disappearing thing becomes another thing, in the becoming thing another disappears. So there is no tranquility in things, nor in their observers. Even when speaking, you, the speaker, are changing, and what you speak about is also changing. But if there is also something old in every new thing, we can still speak well enough about new and old things. Those who apply the Great Method properly do not speak unclearly but more clearly. Master Hegel Said: Things are occurrences. Conditions are processes. Events are transitions.”

— Bertolt Brecht, “Me-ti”

Meister Hegel sagte: Dinge sind Vorkommnisse, Zustände sind Prozesse, Vorgänge sind Übergänge.

— Bertolt Brecht, Me-ti: Buch der Wendungen
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